2017 Calendar

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This week we have finished the process of printing this year's calendar that is already falling. We have had a star collaboration, that of Iván Caíña, master of lettering. Moreover, it was he who proposed us to form a team in this new production. Iván has been responsible for the lettering of the 12 months and with their originals, we designed and printed this limited edition on Fedrigoni Sirio White paper of 700 grams. The choice of paper is not casual, but rather functional. This paper works perfectly with the printing techniques with which we would work: thermo printing and printing, better known as letterpress.

We are looking for a printer!!!

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There are projects that give many joys, commissions that become challenges overcome and collaborators with whom it is a gift to work. But without a doubt, the big smile, the excessive pride and the countless prize, are produced by news such as this one that we are about to tell. Nothing is more rewarding than launching this offer and we hope we never have to take a step back in all this madness that we could not imagine a few years ago. We are aware that finding a profile that fits 100% with what we detail below can be complicated, but if you think you gather these qualities and experience, we may be able to work together. We do not care about the color of your hair, nor your age, nor where you come from ... yes we are looking for committed people, with a desire to work and keep learning.

Taller con Ricardo Rousselot

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Some days ago we were so lucky to have the great Ricardo Rousselot imparting a workshop in our studio.  It was a weekend dedicated to lettering, Ricardo Started reviewing his whole history, we were able to watch some originals and a lot of examples of a whole live dedicated to making letters, starting from his 60s period in the United States, where he specialized in psychedelic typography, to poster designing and some of the logos of the most important brands in Spain. He also explained the creative processes in his logos and most of all, we loved his kind attitude and inclination.  During the practice, everyone could develop an own composition under Ricardo´s guidance and instruction. 

‘The brightest light casts the darkest shadow’

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Some time ago, the marketing agency Relevant contacted us and told us about a product we could be interested in: an ink that reacts to light, made by Soluciones Luminiscentes. Both companies wanted us to try the product and feel completely free about what we might do with it. That is, we could do whatever we wanted. So making use of such an occasion, we made a design according to this material, in which you can read the sentence: 'The brightest light casts the darkest shadow’. Apparently, it is a normal poster but… the surprise comes up when you turn off the lights! And so off we go to the dark room because we can’t stop looking at it since we finished printing the edition yesterday…

Call for the production of a printmaking project – summer 2016

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Description: We offer you the possibility of making use of our machines and facilities in our workshop so that you can work on a printmaking project this summer. The duration of the production process can be either one or two weeks. During the chosen period (see available dates), you will be able to work on your project in our space. We will help you materialise your idea, both with machines and technical support, in order to get perfect results.

In The Ointment

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Some months ago we were introduced to the work of the design studio In The Ointment. Located in the Canary Islands, the distance wasn't long enough to keep us from collaborating. We met through the screen and there came the inmediante bonding of design and printing in the shape of ointment. Their work is so fine and exquisite that every printing project has been a pleasure for us ever since.


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We don't really know how... but yes! we already have 15,000 followers on Facebook. So we decided 2 things: - The first one, we'll still working as usual: working hard, patiently, laughing, and sometimes with tears too (but very few tears) ... but happy to have you on the other side of the screen every day! - And the second one... we'll celebrate with a small ruffle. So if you want to participate to try to get one of our posters, just ... leave a comment on this post and share it on your facebook or twitter! Next 7 th of November (Friday) will know the lucky one!

El Calotipo Shop raffle

November 15, 2013 · · 4 comentarios

Hello everybody who like El Calotipo's products. Couple of weeks ago we're going crazy in the studio between production orders and items that had been sold in our online store: shop.elcalotipo.com. To celebrate that we survived that and open the store as it deserves, going 3 products for 3 participants who follow the instructions below:

El Criollo Coffee

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In our workshop we usually carry out paper projects, either designed by us or ordered by others who hire our printing services. And sometimes we receive visits in our studio which bring us great printing projects that first make our eyes shine and then the sense of touch and even smell burst, that’s what happened on the day when Estudio Novo brought a red suitcase full of ancient alloys and worn out wood to value their state and make some cards. We could not imagine that suitcase was just a small part of what the successor to a long coffee making family has kept generation after generation since the early twentieth century.

III Jornadas Calotipo Campestres

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A little more than a week ago we came back to the Collado Royo farmhouse to held the third Calotipo’s rural outing, it’s just, we were waiting for the good weather, to be able to get away to this village where you live and eat so, so well ...! For this occasion we planned a lettering workshop, carving linoleum and manual and printing press, and we invited a full-blooded Plómez to take part in it: Mr. Juanjo Lopez came to teach us all his art and good work with the fountain pens, the walnut stain, italics, carolina, line and angle... to cut a long story short, he gave a teaching workshop on lettering we would have already wanted to last 3 or 4 days instead of 1.