Silkscreen Workshop in January

January 14, 2013 · · No hay comentarios

This weekend we gave last workshop in 2012 which, by unexpected events life can give us, we could give before. The truth is that we’ve had a lot of work these last months so we weren’t able to prepare new workshops for the coming months. Anyway we are thinking about preparing a getaway and a workshop outside of our studio, some fresh air will be ok for us. We will tell you the details soon...

Silkscreen Workshop

December 10, 2012 · · No hay comentarios

After the huge success of the printing workshop we gave before summer, this winter we took up this technique with two more workshops again, whose places had flown (taking advantage of this post we’d like to say that we have a great number of engraving workshops for which there are still places !).

Etching in autumn

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This autumn has been very productive in our workshop; in spite of being the first workshops we made in las Armas street with the Calotype in full performance. At the weekends we gave workshops in which great results were achieved. Last weekend we enjoyed etching workshop and the last one we also enjoyed drypoint workshop. Visitors from Zaragoza, Huesca, Valladolid and a new local resident of San Pablo neighborhood just arrived from Hungary who soon will work on her own issues with our Azañón. For those knows aren’t familiar with engraving, Azañón isn’t a man with a mustache and prominent belly, but the mark of our printing press, which has given these fantastic prints and calligraphy that you can see in the video and the photographs attached to this post.

II Calotipo Campestre

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Back to fresh air and greenery! After being so well received at our first Rural Sessions, we decided to see the summer off by visiting the fantastic Masia Collado Royo again. Preparing other workshops to offer our participants devoted to the stamping and bookbinding this time. We welcomed our attendees as we did it last time throughout Friday afternoon (up to late at night) and after introducing ourselves and few explanations about the workshops, we enjoyed chatting, having dinner together and listening to the rain just in front of the fire place to put up stoically with the marathon awaiting us, not knowing it yet though.

I Creative Show Pirineos-Almau

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Last week the first Creative Pyrenees-Almau Exhibition started with the screen printing session, live and El Calotipo being in charge. Having beers and tapas we gatecrashed with all our stuff to show a bit of the work we usually carry out in our workshop. As well as telling about screen printing we explained various artisanal silkscreen printing methods, the differences between the stamps we have on sale in our workshop and we stamped the last color of some posters at 4 inks. And finally we pass cowboy motif on the clothes items people brought from home.

El Calotipo Mural

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In our workshop we have reserved a slate wall to make murals. If you are an illustrator, designer, painter ... you can come to leave your art on it. We will silkscreen posters with each work and give it away to the author, and perhaps in the future we’ll make a presentation of all the artists who have dropped by.

One summer night

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A few months ago we received a sort of a special proposal: Fon Román, former guitarist of Los Piratas now focusing on his solo career, was looking for craft workshops to organize a very original tour to go over 8 craft workshops in 8 cities throughout Spain, offering unique performances and showing the work of craftsmen.

Workshop: silkscreened notebooks creation

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We had been planning to do a workshop together with our friend Choni of Ductus Studio for a long time, and just last week we were finally able to do it. To start the day there’s nothing better than to spend the morning in our workshop stamping fabrics and other silkscreen covers. The participants brought different types of designs and learned about the art of screen printing, as well as experimenting with different materials at the time.

Crane Lettra, the role of the tread

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It's not easy to convince customers that a strong footprint is obtained largely due to the role of the paper in this process. And even more when we talk about numbers... The Crane Lettra is a 100% cotton paper, like those used for graphic work (Hahnemuhle, Magnani ...) and it’s a specific paper for letterpress printing works and creases. It’s not the paper characterized as economic, if you want to get quality work with strong footprints, then it becomes the perfect paper. We have prepared the following image to witness these statements. 300 gsm papers cardboard would give an “acceptable “tread type, like the right recycled cardboard. Words are useless when we focus our looks on Crane Lettra... what texture! What puffiness! It makes you want to lie on top ...

Joshua Goode in El Calotipo

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Last week we were lucky to have the artist Joshua Goode in Calotipo. Joshua is from Texas and he takes on enormous amount of artistic resources, from huge sculptures to small books, or the drawings in which he emerges you into a dark world filled with references to life and death.
We met him in Washington a few years ago and were able to enjoy his work live, now we decided to invite him to present his work in our city. You can enjoy his Power Objects exhibition until July the 5th in Lasala, Art Gallery in Las Armas, 78. Just to mention that the work done by Joshua is only shown once, he never repeats his expositions, so you can not miss this unique one.
We leave you with the web of Joshua so that you’ll be able to know his work a little better: