We have a big list of finishing touches to make your order unique and high quality. You´ll find the most commonly ordered options, but we have to say we love to investigate and find new options.
The perfect color stair

Color edges

We use this method when we want the product and its edge to show different colors. As in printings, we can get any pantone color and any finish: metallized, opaque, transparent etc. 

Almost any material is compatible with this technique, but, regarding to paper or carton thickness, this finish will be more apparent the thicker the paper is. Consult us before you choose this option and we´ll give you advice to ensure a perfect result.

A prestigious touch

Metallic edges

If you want your product´s edge to show a metallic edge (gold, silver, copper or any other color), this is your option. Keep in mind that this detail will be more apparent the thicker the paper is. 

A spectacular finish to make a difference and amaze anyone you want to give your card to.

Get ready for your business cards to look like a mirror!

Different shapes for your products

Die cuts

Not everything is square or rectangular. We can give your product any shape you want. As long as the shape can be transmitted to a die cutter. 

We already have die cutters ready to create folders, rounded corner for business cards, circles, coasters etc, maybe there´s one we can use for your design, but don´t forget you can create whatever you imagine. 

We can make original shapes for your products or make drillings, slits, micro drillings, we can even develop self-assembling boxes. The list of possibilities is endless.