Paper Variety

Our great diversity of techniques can be applied in a great variety of specific materials (paper, carton, fabric, wood, etc).
Natural textures, cotton, recycled…


We usually use white paper with a natural look and cotton texture, normally combined with letterpressstamping , screen printing etc. Any of our techniques usually work together with them. Keep in mind that 100% cotton papers are designed to obtain the most of letterpress printing and get a deep trace without any effect on the other side of the paper. Stamping is also good for these kind of papers. We´ll go to less porous papers for screen printing

The elegance in darkness


Dark color are always a great choice when it comes to paper. They will put in that timeless elegance, together with the natural look of the paper. 
We normally choose this kind of papers supported by screen printing, since this technique allows us to use covering inks over dark materials. For example, a white ink or any other color ink, would cover the surface and would be perfectly legible. Stamping is also a technique that will allow us to cover the paper surface. In case of using letterpress, we will have to choose metallized inks (gold, copper etc) if we want a proper covering. 

Looking for the best option for your corporate color


Although there aren´t as many paper colors as pantone colors, we can always look for the best option in order to perfectly fit in with your image and find the perfect color. As usual, we work with natural papers and different thicknesses.

One color for every side?

Pasted paper

If your are looking for your card to present one color for every side, then the best option is to find those two papers and colors and paste them. This is because our techniques are not intended to cover a whole background. The perfect option when the result has to be an entirely uniform background, is to paste your colored papers depending on design. 

Craft, white, dark tones, and that unique texture


If you are looking for a rustic look for your paper, we have different options. The most common are usually craft, white, light grey, dark grey etc, but there is an enormous range of recycled colors. Tell us what you need!

100% natural look


A lot of people asks us when they discover our wooden work, if it is real wood what they´re looking at. Of course it is! And we have an enormous variety of finishes (pine, beech, juniper etc). If you want a little piece of nature in your pocket, this may be your best choice. Wooden business cards present one wooden side and a high thick paper side. We normally use letterpress or stamping for wood, check out our gallery and find out the result!

Here you have a link to a site where every option is displayed, since there are a lot of them! Types of wood.