Aarón Zapico


Aarón Zapico is an orchestra conductor specialized in baroque and classical music, who offers a renewed and modern interpretation of this repertoire.


The challenge when designing his image was to capture the strength, innovation and energy transmitted in his work.


We create a logo with letters that flow from each other, using some lines to represent the movement generated by the hands when directing. 5 lines of a pentagram, which are transformed from order to movement. From the straightness of the musical score to the freedom of interpretation. 


Also we designed and printed his business cards mixing two printing techniques: silkscreen to print contact details and logotype hot foiled.


The design process was finally completed with a clean and minimalist web from which he could update recordings, concerts and information. In all the websites we do, the client is able to update and work with it independently, and always has our support in case of having either dudes or questions about.