Buenavista and Co.


Behind Buenavista and Co. you´ll find Elena, who reached us willing to magnify what by the time was her personal brand. She wanted to create a new brand that comprised the whole team of professionals working together with her day by day.


As a first assignment, a naming job: to think together the new brand name, which after some discards, turned out to be Elena´s surname: Buenavista, always accompanied by her colleagues of course.


Once we finished the naming, we took up working on her logo, looking for some vintage air and developing a new lettering. The new logo helped us to start building the stationery she needed, from business cards or packagings to pen drives etc. Screen printing and letterpress would work together with natural elements such as wood or craft, in order to create a more rustic and vintage atmosphere for the whole image.


Finally, we also put in charge of her new website: www.buenavistaandco.com, a portfolio were to show all the work behind this magnificent team of professionals.