Cousa Rica


We love the fact that people who start their business career trust us to create an image for their new project.


That´s what happened with Silvia and Jorge, two enthusiasts of bartending who came to our studio plenty of desire to work together with us to create their imagen.


They were already experienced in cocktail world, and they joined each other to release their own company. The union of those two talents gave rise to Cousa Rica, a cocktail catering for events.


They wanted some vintage appearance from the beginning, some manual and artisan air, that´s why we based the design of their logo on a lettering and some illustrations.


We actually designed two versions of the same logo, so they could choose which one to use depending on the event or occasion.


We made the design and production of their stationery: business cards, clients dossier, invoices, folders, stamps etc. Everything was designed focusing on that rustic and handcrafted air they wanted for their image, as in every single one of their cocktails.