El Llorenç


El Llorenç is an awesome design hotel located in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), where blends classic and modern style in its facilities, taking care of even detail.


The team contacted us for working on the identity some months ago and during the process we shared experience with Magnus Ehrland, interior designer at El Llorenç to be specific, define and put an end to the emerging needs. We had to bring the essence of El Llorenç to each design element.


We also design and produce their stationery: business cards, room cards, signs, interior signage, packaging, coasters, and some menus for Dins Santi and Tannur, the restaurants where they offer high quality cuisine.


Before production, we carefully selected all the materials thinking about image and techniques we were going to work with: offset, digital printing, stamping, screen printing, laser engraving on wood, sewings…