Graellsia is a project carried on by a mother and her daughter, they are both traditionally tied to handcrafted jewelry and also linked to the world of flowers due to their own passion and work. 


When they contacted us and we discovered what a beautiful work they were developing, we knew we would have to create a corporate image that reached the delicacy, perfection and love their work emitted. 


It was an enormous pleasure for us to work in this project and being able to create such a unique brand´s corporate image, besides, they trusted us from the beginning and that caused an amazing work flow and understanding, from the first touch to the end of the process. 


We developed their logo throughout a subtile typography, fine and elegant, trying to get something timeless. Apart from the logo, we designed a lettering which totally suited their work philosophy: inspired by nature; both pieces were aimed to be used together or separated, just however they would want to. We also defined the corporate colors that would complete the brand. 


The last part of the project was the creating of a full online store, where they could show and sell their products. 


Take a look and discover the great work of these amazing