Grupo Doña Hipólita


Doña Hipólita is more than just a Coffeeshop in Zaragoza. A place that started and opened doors with a beautiful furnishment and the greatest selection of products and available choices to make breakfast, brunch or a simple coffee a special ocassion.


Some years after the opening, there are two new places in diferent districts of the city.


Now they’ve become a big brand, we had not only to update the first place’s image but also create a new identity for each one of the places. Global brand, same style and family, three diferent personalities.


This is how we developed the image for “La Alacena de Doña Hipólita” which is one of their new coffeshops and “El Taller de Doña Hipólita” which will be their bakery workshop, where they will make every product for their brand.


The image for the three different places has been the latest work for them, but we also developed the main logo.


We also designed packaging solutions for their sales service , menus, gift cards, posters, always keeping a commom aesthetical concept.


Product photography: La Sobremesa