Kirschrot Properties is a German company dedicated to buying and renting vacational properties. They contacted us to design their new company corporate image, so we got a completely blank canvas to develope the their new brand. But, Kirschrot means Cherry Red, so we were very sure about what would  be the main corporate color.


We love to see how our work crosses borders and how companies around the world hire our services, either printing services or design ones.


We developed a logo that depicted a solid company, one you can fully trust, with a modern and present style, according to the usual formal style in real state business.


The brand´s initial “K” would let us develo pan isotype that could represent the brand itself. The idea of a key and the location icon, usually found in maps apps for example became the main motive, because that is something we usually have to draw on as we reach our destination and we have to find our apartment.


As usual, we also made an adaptation which could be used by the client to show the brand in social media, keeping a coherent complete corporate image. We also  designed stationery elements, such us letter sheets and business cards we printed in 700gms natural paper and letterpress