La Voz de las Costureras


La Voz de las Costureras is an online magazine which specialices in people who develop textile crafts. The contacted us because they wanted to update and upgrade their image, in order to look more professional. They wanted to be perceived as a serious but fresh magazine, as a well done publishing product.


They already had a website which also needed to be redesigned and updated with the new corporate image.


We started to develop a new global image that highlighted every concept they demanded, following their specific instructions.


We made a logo combining two different typographies, on the one hand a main classic and elegant one and on the other hand a brand new one we created just for the project, more youthful and modern. That´s how we aproached one of the most difficult issues: to reach the whole audience, either the long term or the short term fans.


After typographic work, we closed the design with some concepts related to the brand like a button playing with one of the letters, a hand with needle and thread, some embroidery lines etc.


Once we had designed a new corporate image, with new colours and typographies, we also developed a website design and a lot of different stationery elements such as letterpress printed business cards or stamps.