Lana Mint


Lana Mint is a tactile gloves brand, which are high quality made by artisans. A product that inspires quality in each and every finishing touch.


Maria, the person behind this project, contacted us willing to design her new image, in order to show the essential features of her new brand: quality, game change, trendiness and freshness.


We developed a logo based on a lettering, were we put together some things about the brand: a brief description and hew business location.


As on every occasion we have designed a new brand, we also adapted her new image to social media requirements: Facebook headers, twitter profile pictures etc.


Finally, we also had to design the packaging that would go together with each glove pair. In that case, we decided to a little recycled carton wrapper, perfect to this kind of product. The distinctive feature was that each side of the carton was different: grey or white. So, we made a half of the packaging in one color and the other half in another, managing to get a two-colored packaging.