Lobera Clínica Dental


From Clínica Dental Lobera they contacted us to give their image a facelift. This is a family business with a few years of history, and they wanted to update their image with a new design that could appeal to younger people.


Although the new image would also have to reflect the quality and trust behind the brand. We forget to create a logo with the most typical elements seen in this type of company. So we try to minimize the design by creating a kind of wink-smile emoticon, which will also form part of the typography that creates the logo.


In this way we found the chosen design. A fresh, fun and minimalist image, to reflect the values ​​of the brand. We also develop for the client the color palette that they should be using. In addition to the typeface family with which they would work on their day-to-day documents and stationery. We also design different stationery resources: business cards, appointment cards, folders, letter sheets and envelopes. In addition to adapting the new image for their social networks. A new image for a company with years of experience, which we hope will open up new opportunities.