Our for with Vera started looking for a new logo to show the different options they focus their menu on.


With complete freedom when it came to design, we based our creation in a manual style lettering, supported by a typography that would clear the different things the place specializes in.


Once the image was ready, we made the set of elements that would shape the vinyl screens for the facade or the food and drink´s menu.


We manually stamped the menus, screen printing colored wood pieces. We mechanized them and sticked price stickers in order to make things easier for future updating processes.


We also printed some advertising flyers for the opening, which included a cut-out business card. That´s how we reduced the budget, something really important when a business is just starting and, besides, the result was a great conjunction between materials, printing and artisan processes.


With a little investment in menus and advertising elements, we achieved a great result that transmitted the warmth and good manner of Vera.


This project was selected as one of the best menus world wide by the specialized website: Art of the menu Vera Menú.